Good and Evil School books in order

The new Netflix fantasy movie Good and Evil School Its roots lie in a series of books by American author Suman Chinani – a series that now consists of six novels and an accompanying pamphlet.

The movie is an adaptation from the first book in the series, and while it stays true in many ways to the source material, it also makes one or two changes, with director Paul Feig explaining that we “always made sure to get [Chainani’s] Advice on changes.

“It’s hard for an author or creator of any original material to hand it over to someone else and allow it to be reinterpreted, but it was really important to involve Suman because he’s his child,” Feige explains in the film’s press notes. .

“Even before I joined the board, the producers had been developing it for many years to make sure we got it right, and that we got the things fans wanted from the book, while still being able to deliver this story to people who haven’t discovered the books yet.”

For his part, Chinani added: “Only a foolish author insists on a servile translation that speaks to no one but the most literal readers—and usually the reader’s imagination is more vivid and subtle than anything that can be displayed on screen.

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“Fortunately, we have a brilliant and dreamy filmmaker in Paul who knows how to keep the spirit of the book but also make it his own. I’ve welcomed his changes along the way, and ironically, he often ends up proposing some of the most interesting changes of all.”

If you enjoyed the movie and would like to learn more about the other books in the series, read on for all you need to know.

Good and Evil School books in order

There are six novels in the series plus an accompanying booklet – and you can find details and a brief summary of each below.

The School of Good and Evil (2013)

Every four years, two girls are kidnapped from the village of Gavaldon. Legend has it that these missing children have been sent to The School for Good and Evil, the legendary institution where they become the heroes or villains of fairy tales.

With her glass slippers and dedication to good deeds, Sophie knows she will join the ranks of former students like Cinderella, Rapunzel and Snow White at the School of Goodness. Meanwhile, Agatha, in her black dress and evil black cat, looks naturally suited to the villains of the School of Evil.

But the two girls soon find their fortunes reversed – Sophie is cast into a school of evil to receive ugliness, death curses, and Henchman’s training, while Agatha finds herself in a school of goodness, thrusting between handsome princes and virgins teaching lessons in Princess Etiquette and animal communication.

But what if the error is actually the first clue to discovering who Sophie and Agatha really are?

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A World Without Princes (2014)

After saving themselves and their fellow students from a life against each other, Sophie and Agatha return home again, to live happily ever after. But life is not the fairy tale they expected…

Witches and princesses reside at the girls’ school where they have been inspired to live a life without princes, while Tedros and the boys camp in the ancient towers of evil. A war is brewing between the schools, but can Agatha and Sophie restore peace? Can Sophie stay good with Tedros on the hunt? And to whom does Agatha Qalb belong – her best friend or her prince?

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Last Time After (2015)

Former best friends Sophie and Agatha thought the end of their fairy tale was sealed when they went their separate ways, each in the arms of a boy. But their book of fiction is about to be rewritten, and this time, it’s not their only book.

With the girls separated, evil took over and the villains of the past returned to turn the world of good and evil upside down. With the forces of good in mortal danger, Agatha and Sophie must work together to restore balance. Will they find their way to be friends again? Will it be their last new end after they searched for it?

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The Never Never Guide (2016)

This handbook is filled with everything students in school need to learn in order to survive in their own fairy tales. With full-color illustrations, the handbook includes personal interviews, diary excerpts, brand-new short stories, and much more.

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Quests for Glory (2017)

The students at the School of Good and Evil thought they had found their final end when they defeated the insidious school principal, but with each ending comes a new beginning…

Now, they’re on their quest for Year 4, as Evers and Nevers alike must push the boundaries of school and embark on the biggest and most daring adventures of their lives.

For their missions, Agatha and Tedros attempt to restore Camelot to its former glory as queen and king. In her quest, Dean Sophie seeks to mold Evil into her own image. But soon they all felt themselves becoming more and more isolated and lonely. When their classmates’ questions are plunged into chaos, someone must lead the mission to save them….

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Time Crystal (2019)

A traitor seized the throne of Camelot, and sentenced Tedros, the true king, to death. Queen Tedros escapes Agatha with difficulty, but their friend Sophie is stuck. She is forced to play a dangerous game as her wedding to the Lying King is fast approaching, all while the lives of her friends hang in the balance.

Now, Agatha and the other students at the School of Good and Evil must find a way to return Tedros to his rightful place on the throne and save Camelot – before all their fairy tales come to an end and the future of the Infinite Forest is forever rewritten….

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One True King (2020)

Sophie and Agatha’s fairy tale comes to a dramatic conclusion in the sixth and final book in Suman Chinani’s bestselling fantasy series.

Who will sit on the throne of Camelot and rule the endless forest? Who will be the only true king? Prepare yourself for the end of the day…

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