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This year alone, there have been many tragic deaths within the bodybuilding community, and one more death has been reported. This time it was Andreas Freythe prominent bodybuilder in Germany Who passed away a few days after turning 43 years old.

The The cause of Andreas Frey’s death has not yet been revealed, but some reports claim that he died peacefully in his sleep. Any new updates will be posted here as soon as they become available.

Andreas Frey at a glance

Unlike many bodybuilders, Andreas Frei began his bodybuilding career much earlier, starting to train in this sport at the age of only 15 years. Additionally, he participated in a show shortly after, which saw him snatch his first bronze medal. However, the peak of his career will come in his early twenties.

Andreas Frey
Andreas Frei via Facebook

Andreas Frei is best known for competing in IFBB And the NABBAbut his most notable appearance was certainly at the 2006 PDI Night of Champions. He managed to take second place, but the only man who could beat him was one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, my priest.

Unfortunately, after things started to look better for him around 2007, Andreas Frei suffered a severe chest muscle injury that forced him to retire from the sport. He participated in 33 bodybuilding competitions and won 15 of them.

Even after his retirement, Andreas Frey did not lose his love for sports, but simply shifted his focus to helping others. He found his message and started his own nutritional supplement agency called “Frey Nutrition”. This line became really popular in Germany, but Andreas also decided to start training some athletes.

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The sudden death of Andreas Frey shocked the entire bodybuilding community, as he is still 43 at a young age. And given that this happens a lot among athletes, it’s also shocking.

Fitness Volt extends its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Andreas Frey. His legacy will continue to inspire many new generations of future bodybuilders.

History of the Andreas Frei competition

Ich wünsche Euch ein massiges Wochenende. 💪 #wochenende #massig #dasistbodybuilding #freynutrition

Posted by Andreas Frey on me Friday 12 June 2020


  • French Grand Prix PDI – 4th place
  • PDI Battle Of Giants – 2nd Place


  • PDI British NOC – 3rd place
  • Night of Champions PDI – 2nd place


  • NABBA Ms. & Mr. Universe – 1st place
  • German NAC International Championship – 1st place


  • NABBA World Championship – 1st Place
  • German NAC Championship – 2nd place


  • NABBA World Championship – 1st Place
  • German NAC Championship – 1st place
  • IFBB All Stars “Show of Strength” – 2nd Place


  • WABBA World Championship – 4th Place
  • NABBA Mr Universe – 2nd Place
  • German NAC International Championship – 2nd place
  • NABBA European Championship – 1st place
  • World Championship – 1st place
  • European Pairs Championship – 2nd place
  • World Championship – 2nd place
  • German NAC Championship – 1st place


  • WABBA European Junior Championships – 1st place
  • German IFBB Junior Championships – 1st place
  • IFBB Juniors NRW Championship – 1st Place


  • German IFBB Junior Championships – 2nd place
  • IFBB Junior International NRW Championship – 1st Place


  • IFBB Juniors International NRW Championship – 1st Place
  • German IFBB Junior Championships – 2nd place
  • IFBB Juniors NRW Championship – 1st Place


  • German IFBB Youth Championship – 3rd place
  • IFBB Championship – 3rd place


  • North German NABBA Juniors Championship – 4th place
  • NABBA Junior NRW Championship – 4th Place
  • German IFBB Youth Championship – 1st place
  • IFBB Youth NRW Championship – 2nd Place

Check out Andreas Frey’s pose routine here:

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