FIFA 23 Review – Football is Life

FIFA 23 marks the end of an era for a long-running series. After nearly 30 years of partnership that began with players like David Platt, EA Sports has split from football’s governing body over a licensing dispute. Future games in the series will now drop the FIFA name in favor of a new EA Sports FC title. Not that you’ll be able to stand out from playing FIFA 23, keep in mind. Despite being the last game decorated with the family name, it’s business as usual both on and off the field for EA’s latest football simulation games. There are some new additions spread across its various game modes – and Ultimate Team sees its most significant change in years – but for the most part, FIFA’s swansong is a game of simple iterations.

This starts as soon as you step on gorgeous grass, with the introduction of HyperMotion2 ensuring that every match in FIFA 23 feels more realistic and immersive. This innovative technology debuted in a game last year and allowed developers to capture all 22 players in a real match. By capturing every minute detail and action of the context during the entire 90 minutes and implementing them in FIFA, there were a slew of new animations that brought the simulation closer to reality. With HyperMotion2, FIFA 23 simply expands on its predecessor by getting more data from both full matches and training sessions with professional teams. This means players move across the field, bumping into each other, and hitting the ball with more fluidity and an added sense of realism.