Farewell to Kansas City Chiefs Week 2022 Awards: Offensive Rookie of the Year Award

There are seven games in the books – and 10 more left. While we may not be right in the middle of the 2021 regular season, Kansas City Chiefs They’re taking their farewell week into week eight, so it’s time for some mid-season prizes.

Each of the Arrowhead Pride writing team members received one vote for our seven mid-season awards. There are 11 contributors, so there will be 11 votes for each award. In this post, we’ll reveal our best offensive rookie to this point in the season.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Voting: RB Isaiah Pacheco (11)

It was no secret that the 2022 recruiting class in Kansas City would undoubtedly draw the eyes of the kingdom to their television sets. Having endured the agony of losing one of its prolific players to ransom for a king, how will the Chiefs spend the venture capital?

Arguably one of the most important elements of head coach Andy Reed’s fast attack, Trek Hill is now up to General Manager Brett Fitch to rearm a superpower in the NFL that appears to have been weakened by the departure of just one of its star players.

It was clear from the first two choices of 2022 NFL Draft That chiefs were concentrating on defense to fight the arms race of the stars who had been shipped to West Asia. Fitch was preparing to take cover, dig in, and prepare the chiefs for a new era of heavy artillery directed at them– Or so we thought?

To the relief of Chiefs Kingdom, Fitch heralded his time well and chose a broad future and prospect for first-round SkyMore in the second round, a position that Chiefs fans desperately wanted. Somehow Fitch’s patience paid off again!

When Arrowhead Pride The team was asked to submit their Nominations for Offensive Beginner of the Year at the start of the season, and I couldn’t see anyone other than Skye Moore receiving that award. After all, Moore is a big pick, he has a huge talent with hands the size of shovels, and from what we’ve seen so far from his limited shots, there are plenty of positives that will undoubtedly get fan’s steak juices flowing…not meant to return the boat (sorry, I’ll get my coat.)

But the 2022 presidents’ draft story doesn’t end there.

As we’ve seen over the last three seasons, Veach and his army of scouts seem to snatch valuable players out of nowhere in later rounds and execute them on the spot as starters –

2019 Buck Rashad Fenton Corner – 6The tenth circular

2020 Defensive Back Larius Snead – 4The tenth circular

2021 offensive goalkeeper Trey Smith – 6The tenth circular

… which leads us nicely To the “diamond in the rough” this year and Arrowhead Pride Rookie Rookie of the Year Offensive Season: Isiah Pacheco’s Replay.

At the time of writing, the chiefs had recently gotten rid of San Francisco 49ers44-23 in their backyard, but just before the match, Pacheco found himself in the headlines when it was announced that he would be the start of The Chiefs’ comeback, sparking a “big gold rush” for fantasy owners everywhere.

Let’s be honest here: Pacheco’s season total numbers so far aren’t ink off the page (192 yards, 4.9 average), but it would be a mistake to make our assessment just by looking at the overall numbers alone, especially when comparing a novice who landed in a sturdy back-to-back stable full of Clyde Edwards Heller, Jerick McKinnon, and Ronald Jones, without delving into some of Pacheco’s most impressive games yet.

At the start of the season against Arizona Cardinals, Pacheco introduced himself to the kingdom with 12 vehicles for 62 yards (average of 5.17) and a fast descent. He’s seen his campaigns drop dramatically vs. Los Angeles Chargers and the Indianapolis Colts (holds two and three, respectively) before returning to the spotlight again against Tampa Bay Buccaneers With 11 carriers for 63 yards (average 5.73) before—you guessed it—his loads have dropped dramatically again to just one or two. Las Vegas Raiders and the buffalo bills. The running approach by a committee by Andy Reed is clearly in full swing with plenty of mouths to feed.

Let’s also consider Pacheco’s last outing against the 49ers. Pacheco led the team in an eight-holder dash for 43 yards (average of 5.38), and you’ll notice we’re starting to see a pattern form.

In those three games where Pacheco had eight or more campaigns, he averaged about 5.43 yards, and when you also consider that two of those opposing teams—Tampa Bay and San Francisco—had top five defenses at game time, you begin to appreciate the hard work. done by Pacheco.

Size is clearly key for Pacheco, and this will undoubtedly increase after receiving the go-ahead from Andy Reed to be more into his aggressive downhill running style, something that has been somewhat lacking in the Chiefs’ running game lately.

The hype around the Chiefs’ kingdom when Pacheco is in the back field is a lot like the junior season for Jamal Charles, the player I still consider to be my all-time favorite boss. I’m not saying that just eight weeks later Pacheco is the new ‘King Charles’, but there are similarities in stats and playing style from both junior seasons… Oh, and I almost pointed out that Pacheco and Charles have roughly the same 40-yard dash times – 4.37 – increase or take one hundredth of a second.

yes. I might be trying to speak to existence while wearing my red goggles with that last comment, but it’s no secret that Chiefs fans love their running back, and more importantly they love players who work hard for the team and strive for every inch they can earn.

Isiah Pacheco fits this mold with his furious dribbling and ability to cut through gaps with excellent visibility. Look out for the NFL – there’s a new No. 10 boss in town!


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