False for Iowa and America

Medicare for All is an attractive title that promises an ideal system of free healthcare with easy access to any hospital or doctor. Despite its appeal, support drops sharply as people learn of the inevitable rationing system, waiting lists, high taxes, and the loss of current health coverage.

A proposal under discussion at Iowa race in the US Senate It would put all Americans into a government program that would be Twin from Medicare for AllAcross trekker. This is the Department of Defense’s health care program serving 9.6 million active duty personnel, retirees, family members, and survivors. TRICARE uses a global system of government-owned and operated military hospitals and clinics, backed by civilian service providers and facilities.

Congressional Budget Office I analyzed the effect A national program in which medical providers are paid rates of payments, which are similar in many areas to TRICARE rates. The CBO says that “setting payment rates equal to Medicare rates under a single payer system would reduce the average payment rates received by most providers—often significantly.”

The CBO reported that this “can lead to provider shortages, longer waiting times, and changes in quality of care, especially if patient demand increases significantly.”

Doctors and Hospitals Participating in TRICARE You want to take care of our nation’s heroes. They can accept TRICARE’s low reimbursement rates because their practices also receive payments from private payers Fill the void and keep their practices afloat.

Without this combination of payments, many practices and facilities would fail, particularly in rural areas.

We know where government-run healthcare plans end up: the government is trying to save money, it keeps cutting payments to providers, and eventually care is rationed and queues follow. The most vulnerable patients will be most affected when they try to deal with a complex bureaucratic system to get the care they need.

In fact, some military families can already face long waiting times under TRICARE. a Survey 2018 A survey conducted by the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) found that 28% of military families reported being “very satisfied” with TRICARE, but 22% were either “not completely satisfied” or mostly. at recent days, I mentioned MOAA that TRICARE recipients “continue to express dissatisfaction with the cost of their care, and many have access to health care issues frequently as more military treatment facilities reduce services.”

Healthcare is simply too personal and complex One big government-run program. Families must be accountable for their own decisions with more choice of plans and service providers competing to offer the best value at the best price to consumers who have the ability to make their own choices.

Any reform plan must support the most vulnerable and others who need assistance in providing health insurance. And we need rules to make sure consumers are protected — such as ensuring that their policies can be renewed and affordable, especially when a patient has a pre-existing condition. our show plan To do that.

Alternatively, TRICARE for All could mean a government takeover of health care in the United States. Medicare and Medicaid will expire. In Iowa, for example, more than 1.8 million people They will lose their own health plans, and everyone will be forced into this huge new government program. Many private health insurance companies and nearly will be closed 140,000 Employees will have to find other ways to support themselves and their families.

The goal is to give everyone the same or better coverage as TRICARE while choosing the plans and healthcare arrangements that work best for them – with extra help for the most vulnerable. TRICARE FOR EVERYONE IS NOT THE SOLUTION.

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