ET Global Indian Leaders 2022 recognized for entrepreneurial excellence across industries

Leaders not only show direction, but also direct and inspire many. Hence, it is imperative for them to lead from the front, especially in the current times of immense challenges and changes. In honor of these individuals, Optimal Media Solutions (OMS) at the Times Group has created the “ET GLOBAL INDIAN LEADERS” platform to identify, encourage and recognize excellence for global Indian leaders. These business leaders have not only made a tremendous contribution to the global economy but have also made an impact through various contributions in their communities as well.

‘Global Indian Leaders ET’ is a celebration of professional excellence and entrepreneurship across multiple sectors and industries. The event was hosted by renowned commentator Raman Bhanot and honored by Zia Mirza – Actor, Producer, Advocate – UN Secretary-General for Sustainable Development Goals, UNEP Goodwill Ambassador, Environmental Investor, Green Entrepreneur, Ambassador – Wildlife Trust of India, Artist Ambassador For Save The Children, Board Member – Sanctuary Nature Foundation and Global Ambassador for IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare).

Speaking at the event, Zia Mirza said, “As a school girl, I read these lines, ‘The leader is a hopeful merchant. “These words which are widely attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte, have remained with me through the years and still remind me that true strength comes from what we convey to the world and not from what we take away from it. The world is changed for the better by those who have the hope and the courage to dream not only for themselves but for others. Today in this forum, I am very pleased and honored to have been inspired by so many of these leaders.This is an unprecedented time in history and the health of our planet and the survival of humanity are urgent concerns that we must address individually and collectively.At a time like this, I am drawn to ideas, companies and leaders who give me hope As a woman and mother who happens to be a working actress, entrepreneur and investor, I now seek inspiration from those who have answers to the questions we face today. Questions we can no longer ignore. And when I see powerful men and women using their successful resources, platforms, companies, and voices to speak for the planet , I feel hopeful. Thank you for doing what you do and showing that leadership is also about listening, caring and giving back.”

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Zia Mirza – Actor, Producer, Advocate for the UN Secretary-General for the Sustainable Development Goals, Goodwill Ambassador for UNEP, Environmental Investor, Ambassador for Green Entrepreneur – Wildlife Trust of India, Artist Ambassador – Save The Children, Board Member – Sanctuary Nature Foundation and Global Ambassador – IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)

Speaking of the association, Mr. Tarun Seth, General Manager of Grand Hyatt Gurgaon said, “Congratulations to all the winners of the ET Global Indian Leaders. We are very proud to host some of the brightest minds from India at the Grand Hyatt Gurgaon. With its modern designs, innovative culinary offerings and great views We couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate these high achievers.”

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Famous commentator Raman

Priyanka Sachdeva, founder of CORE & PURE Essential Oils noted, “It is an absolute honor to partner with the prestigious ET Global Indian platform to celebrate our dynamic leaders from various industries. Despite the enormous challenges we have faced over recent years, it is with great pride to see how Our innovators have thrived to reach this peak. It is great to see the minds of emerging, influential and creative global entrepreneurs at work, and how they are shaping and bringing about global transformation.”

Naim Seddiqi, Director of Momentum Communications added: “It is refreshing and inspiring to see such new and brilliant minds as fierce leaders and paving a wonderful path for the world to follow. We are honored to be a part of this celebration of you! You are the change this world needs and deserves!”

Here is a list of all recipients:

  • Pankaj Bansal, M3M India
  • Samson David, Soroko
  • Gaurav Dube, TDeFi
  • KJ Jawa, Daikin Airconditioning India Pvt Ltd.
  • Prateek Gauri, 5ire
  • Rizwan Sajan, Danube Real Estate
  • Abhishek Srivastava, Recruin Consulting
  • Bipin Chandra, Esyasoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Sohail Nayyar, Swiss Beauty
  • Arpita Katyal, Roperro Pvt Ltd
  • Rushil Katyal, Roperro Pvt Ltd
  • Pepin Babu, Baeza and Metaspace
  • Roopali Kiron Yadugiri, Suchirindia مجموعة group
  • Yash Migliani, Migsun Group
  • Dr. SV Anchan, Safesea Group, USA
  • Rashid Anwar, OneXtel Media Private Limited
  • Nalin K. Singh, Orbit Future Academy
  • Sumit Goyal, Nirwana Greens
  • Georgi Shri Arnav, Gemstones of the Universe
  • Ravi Kumar Daparthy, Oorwin Labs India Pvt Ltd
  • Santosh Kumar, School 21K
  • Girish Kumar N, Aiplex Software Pvt Ltd
  • Anand Gupta, Aamor Inox Ltd
  • Rahul Malodia, Malodia Business Coaching Pvt Ltd
  • Mirage Deira, Special Limited Business Advantage
  • Raj Singh Tanwar, Special Limited Business Advantage
  • Dr. Aditya Banerjee, ECO Evols Private Limited (VOLC)
  • Kshitij Jain & Manish Jindal, Mindspace Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd
  • Fedor Gupta, Spectrum Talent Management Pvt Ltd
  • Nidhi Aggarwal, Spacemantra Pvt. Ltd.
  • Vivek Shaurya, beGalileo (CarveNiche Technologies)
  • Kanishek Shell, Unimrkt Research Pvt Ltd
  • Saurabh Bhatt, A5E Consulting
  • Supriya Malik, Indulgeo Essentials
  • Parvinder Singh, Hans Infomatic Pvt Ltd
  • Vivek Das, Unlearn Innovation Pvt Ltd
  • Rajiv Ghosh, Digital Aptech Pvt Ltd
  • Nikhilesh Tiwari, Spay Technology Pvt Ltd
  • Ashutosh Upadhyay, Effizent Seele Pvt Ltd
  • Shikhar Aggarwal, BLS International Services Ltd
  • R. Vishnu Prasad, Vishnu Prasad Research Center
  • Muskaan Mundhra, Serein by Mundhra Logistics
  • Kapil Gupta, YTP Tourism
  • Sagar Tana, TSS Consultancy Pvt Ltd – TrackWizz
  • Mohit Jin, Kimirica Lifestyle
  • Nikki Kimchand Bhajnani Movies Nikki Vicki Bhajnani
  • Akshay Chowdhury, Consultant Fantasy Pvt Ltd
  • Raj Kumar Banerjee, Isourse Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Sharad Mittal, Crimson Interactive (Trinka AI)
  • Mayank Bhanushali, Global Survey
  • Anupam Danuka, Kidopia
  • Harry Kiran Shiridi, HRV Global Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

ET Global Indian Leaders as a platform goes beyond the business excellence of these leaders. Those who made the cut, contributed greatly to the people they serve. They have demonstrated commitment, innovation, enthusiasm and compassion in serving the community, leading them to excel.

These leaders have left a mark in their respective fields and this recognition will give a much-needed boost to their determination, perseverance and enthusiasm which in turn will motivate many young leaders in the future.

Research Methodology

This research sought to find
ET Global Indian Leaders-2022 in their own categories. The survey included the following modules, such as secondary desk research, fact file sharing approach, and factual survey (participatory survey) to arrive at the analysis and determine the final results of the best global leaders in different categories.

A comprehensive list of top global leaders, brand leaders and performers has been created with the help of the Internet, magazines and other publications.

A real-world data survey was sent to over 300 world-class personalities and brand leaders, then rigorous follow-ups were conducted through phone, email and in-person visits.

The study was conducted in the Northern Region for 8 weeks, starting in the fourth week of August 2022. The final score for each entity was weighted with a realistic average score. Based on the final result, the results were plotted into the respective categories.

The study was conducted by an independent market research agency using the stated methodology to arrive at the specific conclusion.

Some caveats/assumptions:

Best efforts have been made to reach as many world-class personalities and brand leaders as possible in the respective categories. Any entity that has expressly stated that it does not wish to participate in the survey is excluded from the survey.

If the nomination for any specific category was not received, those categories were dropped and the categories with individual nominations were given unanimously.

Only those global and brand leaders who submitted the participatory fact sheet were considered.

NB: The current survey was conducted by an independent research agency called Avance Insights Pvt. Ltd using the stated methodology to reach the specified results.


Digital PR Partner – Momentum Communications, Health & Wellness Partner – CORE & PURE Essential Oils, Luxury Hospitality Partner – Grand Hyatt Gurgaon, Automotive Partner – Audi Gurugram, Experience Partner – Heineken 0.0.

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