Chucky star Jennifer Tilly explains why she enjoys filming sex scenes: It’s an out-of-body experience

If there’s one thing Jennifer Tilly isn’t afraid of, it’s depicting a sex scene.

The Academy Award-nominated actress originally played the killer doll Tiffany Valentine in the 1998 movie “Chucky’s Bride.” Twenty-four years later, she starred in the USA/SYFY spin-off “Chucky.” Season 2, which premiered on October 5, will see her sister, Meg Tilly, appear, Pal Sutton Strack from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” as well as former co-star Gina Gershon from the new 1996 movie “Bound.”

The 64-year-old told Fox News Digital that there’s nothing to scare her these days – including intimate on-screen appearances. In fact, she enjoys reviving those scenes.

Jennifer Tilly Tiffany Valentine

Jennifer Tilly stars in the second season of the TV series “Chucky” as Tiffany Valentine.

“Well, if you’re having an affair with your acting partner, it helps,” she joked when asked where her self-confidence comes from. “You know, the thing is, all the actors say, ‘Oh, the kissing scenes are awful. The sex scenes are very uncomfortable. Everyone is uncomfortable. I hate this. I hate every minute of it. But the secret is that a lot of actors like to do sex scenes or love scenes. They just feel like they’re supposed to say it.” Oh, it’s all technical. Like, who’s nose going where? The cameras are straight at you.”

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“But it is… an out-of-body experience,” she said. “Because you’re not who you are. You’re the character that loves the other character. And so, it’s almost like a free pass to get away with someone who isn’t your friend… It’s an escape from reality. Who doesn’t love it especially now.” [Creator] Don Mancini wrote in all these make-up scenes for me on the “Chucky” series, and I’m so glad I rarely get these parts anymore.”

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But even Tilly was waiting for a surprise. The star remembered that she was going To shoot a difficult scene With co-star Fiona Dourif in the first season.

Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany and Fiona Dorf as Nika Pierce

Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany and Fiona Dorf as Nika Pierce in the TV series Chucky. Tilly told Fox News Digital that an intimate coordinator was called in to make sure both stars were comfortable filming their scenes.

“They have … an intimate coordinator,” Tilly explained. “I’m out of work. I’ve been semi-retired for 10 years. I got a phone call the first day I was doing a scene with Fiona. I had a sex scene with Fiona where we’re wearing underwear, they say, ‘Hey, this is the intimacy coordinator.’” I’m like, “Come on again?” She said, “Yeah, I’m here to talk about your scene and make sure you’re comfortable.” I’m like, “Well, I have a sex scene with another girl with a director. I don’t really think we need an intimate coordinator.” She said, “Okay, well, I’m here if you need me.” I said, “I think we’ll be fine.”

Tilly has been in a relationship with professional poker player Phil Laak since 2004. However, she joked that the group is a great way to meet “a lot of people” – even though “HR is always watching.”

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“There are always a lot of really good-looking guys…people pull cables, cinematographers – it’s like a variety of masculinity!” I wondered. “But you know, I’m a ‘don’t touch’ girl. And I have a guy. But you have to be very careful because HR is always watching. You can’t even say to the boom operator, ‘Hey, pretty pistols because HR is going to write it.’” So it’s a great “no touch” in ensembles these days. “

Jennifer Tilly enjoys filming sex scenes

Jennifer Tilly said that she does not mind filming intimate scenes on set.

It seems everyone has all eyes on Tele. In 2021, Forbes reported that the “Chucky” franchise grossed more than $250 million, including $182 million at the box office. Nearly five million people watched Slasher when it premiered last year.

“I had so much fun playing it Tiffany Valentine in Bride of Chucky I thought. “I never thought there would be no more Tiffany Valentine because she’s dying so horribly…But Tiffany is a very funny character because she’s so complicated. She’s funny and ironic.” [a] A great sense of fashion. But she also feels bad after killing people. She is a killer, but she has a conscience. And every now and then, Don writes in one of those scenes where it’s hard for me to cry, but I do cry, and I feel like a great actress.”

“She has a lot of things going on,” Tilly continued. “A love-hate relationship with her boyfriend Chucky. Everyone can relate to that. And then she also falls in love with Nika (Durev), another woman… She clips her wings a bit and is surprised that Nika resents her for it. But that’s what I love about Tiffany She’s really delusional, self-centered, and narcissistic. She’s a fun character to play.”

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Jennifer Tilly Chucky

Chucky and Jennifer Tilly in 2003 “Chucky’s Seeds”, directed by Don Mancini. The horror movie franchise made big bucks at the box office.

Stracke told Fox News Digital that she was “begging” Tilly to join the “RHOBH” cast. The couple have been friends for more than a decade.

“I have to say before Sutton came on the show, it was a lot more fun,” Tilly said of the popular reality series Bravo. “It’s more fun to watch people you don’t know go to. But [now]I’m always afraid [Sutton] You will get hurt. So it’s less fun, but still fun.”

Tilly admitted that the idea of ​​becoming a housewife dreads much more than a diabolical game yearning to sow chaos.

Sutton Struck Jennifer Tilly Rhobe

Sutton Strack and Jennifer Tilly have been friends for over a decade. However, Tilly has no plans to join the “RHOBH” franchise.

“I’m a huge fan, but I’m afraid of these girls,” Tilly said.

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