Chiefs’ Joshua Williams plans to make his next match his best game

Rising full-back Joshua Williams made his first career debut in Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday 24-20 loss to me buffalo bills. Taking shots of injured rookie Rashad Fenton, the first-year player had a real-life experience by shooting against the NFL’s arguably the biggest attack.

Williams gave up a pair of touchdowns, and wide receiver Stefon Diggs appears to be profiting significantly from the defender’s inexperience in the third-quarter result. Speaking from the locker room on Thursday, the president’s fourth-round pick in the April draft took an introspective tone over his performance.

“Apart from the obvious – the two drops – I think there are some positives,” Williams claimed. “You just have to keep working because it’s a game of details and inches. If I take a hit or two, that’s one or two hits. I just have to keep getting better, finish, execute. Get my teammates, hire my coach, and share the rules of the game.” I think I’ll be fine.”

The Chiefs picked Fayetteville Division II Williams – who didn’t even have a season during his junior year due to COVID. Having excelled in off-season training, his inexperience in extended pre-season procedures was revealed. Williams played sparingly in defense before Sunday – even though he was on the field for the most important defensive game in Week 5 30-29 wins against the Las Vegas Raiders. Despite the mixed results, the novice player feels that the game’s action has been invaluable.

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“I feel like being there is where you get the most exponential growth,” he explained. “Getting the real time experience of the game, it’s not like anything you can simulate in practice or anything else. I feel like it was a valuable match for me and my teammates. There are a lot of things we can take away.”

He also trusts Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnolo and defensive back coach Dave Merritt and his teammates to help him with lessons learned from his grueling outing.

“They were more worried about me gaining experience,” he recalls.[and] Get some of this real time game. I will use it. I will be getting all the good training I get from Spaggs and Coach Merritt and also some of the training I get from this great DB unit, my teammates. These are the guys who make me a better player.”

One of those colleagues, head of safety Juan Thornhill, had some advice for Williams when he spoke before training on Thursday, predicting that the rookie’s mistakes against Diggs would be correctable with more experience.

“I’d tell him just keep his head up,” Thornhill advised him. “If you really watched the movie, he had really good technique. It was just one small thing that allowed him to let go of the landing. When he turned towards him, the ball was still cruising. When I turned to him, he slowed him down a little bit. If he was going to turn his head the other way, then from He probably intercepted that ball.

“I would just tell him if you turn the other way and you’re going to do that play. Just keep his confidence and don’t knock him down. It’s the NFL — they’re going to win some plays, we’ll do some plays. You can’t get down on yourself.”

Spagnuolo had a similar assessment when he spoke on Thursday.

“He was in a great position,” the coach said of the play. “He was step by step – he was step by step. If he turned differently, the result could be different. It would be a lot different if someone had blown him up or he couldn’t do his work in the line of scrimmage and he was getting hit. I didn’t expect that to happen. For us This is encouraging.”

He appreciates how Williams responds to training and believes the experience gained will benefit the team in the long run – perhaps as soon as this week’s game against San Francisco 49ers.

“It’s one of the guys – Dave [Merritt]And I say all the time—he’s trying to do it exactly the way he trained it,” Spagnuolo boasted. “He’s been doing it since he got here and he’s gotten better and better. It just removes dust and moves forward. I thought he did it during the match. I expect him to do that in this game. He had to anticipate that there would be a few plays out there that wouldn’t go exactly the way we wanted, but we’re living through growing pains. We hope – going forward – that helps us.”

Williams echoed the sentiments of his defensive coordinator and teammate but refused to make excuses for how Sunday went, including his coverage on Diggs.

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He declared: “You must have a short memory, because one or two touchdowns could be three or four if you think about it. Things happen in the game. I never want to say, ‘There’s nothing I can do.’” I honestly believe That I could have broken that. It’s all the nitty-gritty – finding the ball, controlling my head, things like that – that could have changed a lot of those plays. You just have to keep moving forward, learn from those mistakes and have short term memory so I can play the next game – and make that the best game for me.”

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