CFP: Bowl officials want to expand the playoff to move from on-campus venues

Bowl Season officials are still hopeful that the expanded College Football Playoff will include more of its games.

In a letter sent to conference delegates, Bowl Season CEO Nick Carparelli encouraged conference leaders to play first-round matches at bowl locations rather than on-campus venues, providing a list of reasons for such a move.

In an interview on Friday, Carparelli confirmed that the organization sent the letter and is still in “continuous contact” with the commissioners on the matter.

“The pot system embraces the fact that the CFP evolves into a 12-team playoff,” says Carparelli. Sports Illustrated. “This is in the best interest of college football. We understand the commissioners are tasked with finalizing the logistics. Hopefully they will consider incorporating all playoff games into the bowl structure. I don’t think it is too late to make changes.”

In a letter similar to the one he sent to CFP executives last October, Carparelli argues that the pot locations are more suitable for hosting the four first round matches of the new 12-team expanded playoff. Among the reasons, he says, is that the dishes (1) provide a fairer and more neutral environment; (ii) In a unique position to offer hospitality components such as hotels, training sites, etc.; (3) Adept at the rapid turnaround necessary to host games and (4) they are located in warm climates that avoid the effects of winter related games.

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