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  • Hands-on with Microsoft Designer, a masterpiece of artificial intelligence

    The upcoming Microsoft Designer is a visual art design tool that you can simply use Should Try for yourself. It is simply one of the best consumer apps Microsoft has ever made, following in the footsteps of Clipchamp. Why use the designer? Two reasons: AI art and templates. In Designer, you can combine seemingly unlimited […]

  • How to distinguish a trend from a fad in technology

    Once seen as a dream of the future, artificial intelligence (AI) has now found its footing in organizations of all kinds. However, to succeed with AI, organizations need to adapt to trends proactively, and as with any environment that undergoes rapid changes, the technology space is often riddled with fads in disguise of trends. Vladislav […]

  • Data management for AI readiness in the public sector is critical

    Data management and artificial intelligence GT This blog focuses on the importance of preparing the public sector faster to modernize to take advantage of AI and stresses the importance of getting the fundamentals right – which must be underpinned by strong data governance. an introduction There is no escaping that AI is rapidly integrating into […]

  • In-home elderly care powered by Care’s daily AI and powered by KORE IoT connectivity and managed services

    KORE’s comprehensive suite of IoT solutions and services simplify the complexities involved in providing an “aging in place” health-related solution that improves quality of life for seniors AtlantaAnd the November 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cor (New York Stock Exchange: Cor), the global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and IoT Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS) worldwide, announced […]

  • Why AI in healthcare is critical to improving mental health and wellness

    Mental health illnesses are on the rise and we are not doing enough as a society. GT Last month, I wrote an article for Forbes about Why AI and healthcare will make our world better, and it was so popular that I continued this discourse. However, in this article, I want to focus on mental […]

  • CEPTA to install an AI weapon detection system to reduce violence on train platforms

    ZeroEyes and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) announced that the agency has selected ZeroEyes for a pilot program designed to reduce the potential for gun-related violence on train platforms. ZeroEyes has created an AI-based gun detection video analytics platform that has a US Department of Homeland Security Safety Act designation. SEPTA is the first […]

  • Ensuring business continuity using artificial intelligence

    With the development of technology, the old adage “why fix something that isn’t broken” is no longer valid. In today’s world of “always on” production, where factories and production equipment Operating 24/7 any failure results in a major disruption to production sometimes causing a cascading effect on other businesses. To ensure operational reliability, proper maintenance […]

  • “Imitation” in the Python library provides open source implementations of imitation and reward learning algorithms in PyTorch

    In areas with clearly defined reward functions, such as gaming, reinforcement learning (RL) outperforms human performance. Unfortunately, for many real-world tasks it is difficult or impossible to procedurally design the reward function. Instead, they should immediately digest the reward function or policy from user feedback. Furthermore, even when a reward function can be formulated, as […]

  • Australia unveils blue carbon project at COP27

    Macroalgae and aquatic plants can sequester atmospheric carbon The researchers will use machine learning technology to map seagrass beds and marine animal populations © Omtron The collaboration will help scientists map and understand seagrass ecosystems and their ability to absorb and sequester carbon, supporting climate resilience, Indo-Pacific and Australian coasts, and the people and livelihoods […]

  • Older adults live longer in counties with a greater age bias

    Summary: Contrary to expectations, the researchers found that older adults living in countries with a greater age bias had better health outcomes than those living in countries with a lower age bias. The study found that older people tend to live longer in countries with negative attitudes towards the elderly. source: UMass According to University […]