British farmers sign letter to MPs attacking plans to eliminate environmental subsidies | Agriculture

Three hundred and 40 British farmers have signed a letter to Tory MPs criticizing plans to scrap plans to pay them for their stewardship of nature.

The Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS), a set of subsidies to replace the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy, was due to be introduced this year. But last month, ministers put it under review. A result is expected next week – within the seven days that Liz Truss should remain prime minister.

The policy, which took six years to prepare, was seen by some as one of the few promising benefits of Brexit, in which it pays farmers for “public goods” such as creating wildlife habitat or preserving biodiversity. Under the old CAP system, payments were partly allocated by the amount of land cultivated, which had disastrous effects on wildlife and also allowed small farmers to lose out to large farming. newly CAP System Repair Effective from January 2023.

The letter is part of the backlash against Elms’ repeal plan, along with hundreds of existing environmental laws — including key environmental protections for wildlife and habitats, as well as laws on sewage pollution in rivers, river quality and air pollution — that are from It is scheduled to fall off the books of the articles of association by December 2023.

In the message curated by Nature Friendly Agriculture The net and sent to 148 Tory MPs in mainly rural constituencies, farmers say abandoning environmental stewardship in favor of policies aimed at boosting economic growth would be a “wrong trade-off”.

The letter states that “a prosperous natural environment, healthy soil, and a stable climate are vital conditions for productive and profitable food production.” “We have promised agricultural policies that will make our farms stand the standard of quality, sustainability and profitability.

“Returning to old, inefficient and unfair subsidies like the CAP – which does not reward good practices, but only enriches those with the most land – would be a poor use of public funds, and would be completely against the trend of travel within the sector.”

Also on Thursday, thousands of Women’s Institute members signed a letter to Jacob Rees-Moggthe Minister for Business, warning that eliminating regulations threatens the UK’s goal of halting the degradation of nature by 2030 as enshrined in the Environment Act.

The retained EU bill lists 570 environmental laws You will fall from the statute books By December 2023, as part of the Brexit transition. Rees-Mogg said removing the laws “would fully realize the prospects of Brexit and … support the UK’s unique culture of innovation”.

The message Reese-Mogg demanded that the bill be withdrawn immediately. “Environmental laws… exist to benefit and protect our environment and the important wildlife that lives there. Together, these laws protect every element of our natural environment, keeping the air and water clean, as well as providing vital safeguards for people’s health.”

“These regulations play a key role in providing companies with a solid foundation on which they can make good environmental and investment decisions that are fundamental to economic growth.”

The signatories called on the government to speak with them. “We want a thoughtful and constructive conversation about how we can reform, enhance, and improve critical protections for climate, nature, air and water quality, and more. But this bill is not the way to do that.”

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