Boston Celtics suspend coach Aimee Odoka for 2022-23 season

Boston Celtics coach Aimee Odoka will be suspended for the 2022-23 NBA season

Boston Celtics coach Aimee Odoka will be suspended for the 2022-23 NBA season
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I’ll admit, when I first saw it last night Ime Udoka has been commented by Boston Celtics for the entire next seasonMy eyes widened. She seemed horribly cruel to the relationship that every journalist seemed to stress about was consensual. But then I have a little experience in the corporate world and all the things that lawyers make to protect billion dollar organizations.

But the more I thought about it, the more the surprise came from the mishandling of every previous organization or union. There are power dynamics at work with nearly all internal foreplay, and complications can branch out in any uncomfortable or harmful way during a relationship or in the fallout. We still don’t know the details of what Udoka did or didn’t do, and we may never find out. But suffice it to say that the Celtics team does not fit. Some of Vince McMahon’s relationships have been considered consensual, and we know it was Well-deservedly forced to retire To pay money to the silent woman. These are just some of the problems people can encounter.

The natural impulse is to refer to Deshaun Watson or Robert Sarver “Look what they’ve done and they’ve already offended people!” he declared loudly. , assuming Udoka didn’t hurt anyone, which we don’t know. But just because the Browns, the NFL, or the NBA didn’t get something right doesn’t mean the Celtics owe it credit for following the same path. This is what real change requires.

This kind of comment is noted – and the possible removal of Udoka from the job altogether. Perhaps the next time a coach, general manager, or powerful person in an organization starts having wild ideas, they’ll know there may be real, imminent consequences. Any team that doesn’t have that kind of policy will definitely have to answer a lot of uncomfortable questions if it has to deal with a similar situation and not respond with the same harshness. Then again, teams and leagues had little trouble answering an uncomfortable question or two at a press conference if they thought it would be over quickly. If they can get a heeled gym press even ask them. But again, it has to be ticked somewhere, sometime.

Perhaps an overcorrection is in order. Men in powerful positions around the world have acted with impunity since… well, the beginning of time. Perhaps to bring things back into balance, it should be much more difficult for them. Nobody should complain.

There is the unseemly side effect of all the women in the Celtics organization being eyed by a salacious press looking for someone to blame, essentially, women who didn’t do anything other than just work for the Celtics. That’s on the media, which should know better, though. None of these steps are clean or easy, but this is the kind of thing that eventually helps women everywhere in the sports workplace just be seen as parts of the sports workplace. That’s worth working toward, no matter how muddy that trail can get.

It only seems out of line for sports because sports haven’t lived up to the responsibility they need to carry. That’s where the surprise comes from, the bar is set so low. It may seem an overreaction to some, but that’s only because we’ve been underwhelmed for so long.

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