“Being bold is the way to win,” says CEO of Safra Catz Oracle, CIO News, ET CIO

inspiration CloudWorld hosted the much awaited cloud event in Las Vegas.

The first day started with Oracle CloudWorld With Savar Katz, CEO of Oracle, the keynote address “Driving Influential Business Results” in Las Vegas.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have learned that it is critical to have a digital connection with your employees, customers, suppliers and partners,” Safra Katz He said.

“We’ve learned that being bold is the way to win and that being shy is going to kill you.”

“Being bold is the way to win,” she said. “Oracle empowers customers to conquer the latest market challenges and empowers them to transform and emerge stronger.”

Katz highlighted that Oracle has modified and improved the Oracle Database that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to enable customers to get the most value from their data and succeed in the cloud. Oracle has built horizontal applications focused on the many industries where digital technologies are essential to survival and success.

Furthermore, the keynote featured a series of conversations between CEO Safra Katz and a group of key Oracle clients. Each focused on how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will contribute to their transnational journey.

Expand their long alliance, Oracle and nvidia Announced a multi-year partnership to help clients solve business challenges through accelerated computing and artificial intelligence. The collaboration aims to bring NVIDIA’s Accelerated Computing suite—from GPUs to systems to software—to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

“To achieve long-term success in today’s business environment, organizations need answers and insights faster than ever before,” Katz said. “Our expanded alliance with NVIDIA will bring the best of both companies’ expertise to help customers across industries – from healthcare and manufacturing to telecommunications and financial services – to overcome the many challenges they face.”

Jensen Huang, CEO and founder of NVIDIA, said accelerated computing and artificial intelligence are keys to addressing rising costs in every aspect of business. “Companies are increasingly turning to cloud-first AI strategies that enable rapid development and scalable deployment. Our partnership with Oracle will make NVIDIA AI accessible to thousands of businesses.”

In addition, Oracle now offers early access to NVIDIA RAPIDS acceleration for Apache Spark data processing on the fully managed Apache Spark service from OCI Data Flow. Data processing is one of the highest cloud computing workloads. To support this request, OCI data science It plans to offer support for bare metal OCI formats, including BM.GPU.GM4.8 with NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs across managed laptop sessions, tasks, and form deployments.

Henceforth, day one saw the evening keynote hosted by Larry Ellison, President of Oracle, on “The Next Generation of Cloud Technology.” Focus on the company’s ambitious approach to automating the entire ecosystem; And the development of the open and multi-cloud cloud ecosystem, and new infrastructure services that run on the multi-cloud.

Larry Ellison discusses Oracle’s acquisition of Cerner and the next generation of healthcare applications. The company advocates seamless and coordinated care. Technology and the cloud are the cornerstones in redefining health and wellness solutions around the world.

Gaining Cerner’s clinical capabilities with Oracle’s enterprise platform, analytics, and automation expertise will transform health and wellness in a way that has never been possible before. Oracle aims to provide safe, reliable solutions that deliver health insights and experiences to dramatically change the way health is managed by patients, providers, and payers.

Note: This ETCIO report was presented on the ground at Oracle CloudWorld, Las Vegas, USA

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