Bears dressing room emotional after Robert Quinn trades Eagles

When a team trades a beloved player in the locker room, like Robert Quinn who was in bear The locker room, you always hear about the emotional toll it can take on players. You rarely get the chance to see it. Given the unique circumstances of breaking news headlines while Roquan Smith is in the middle of a press conference, we get a rare look at the raw, true feelings that come with a huge deal like this.

“Yeah man. It sucks.”

That was all Smith was able to muster when asked about the reports making noise on Twitter, just moments after Smith asked his treadmill running questions about things like balls upside down. Smith began to cry, pulling his shirt over his face in an attempt to groom himself. But he was not able to compose himself, and his media availability was cut off early.

After a day, the bad vibes weren’t new, but it’s clear that some guys are still dealing with the move on an emotional level.

“If you lost someone like that, obviously it was one of our captains, so yeah, that was surprising,” DeAndre Houston-Carson said. “Surrealism.”

“Yesterday we stopped by and went through the memories we had and shared and all the memories he taught me,” said Trevis Gibson. “He left me a lot of advice and inclinations. You know, I just internalize everything he gave me. It was heartbreaking. He was down there.

“It was hard to say goodbye to him last night, in particular.”

It’s easy for the NFL organizations to try to move past like this quickly with cliches like, “That’s part of the job,” or “It’s tough, but he’s the next guy.” But the Bears don’t want their players to be ashamed of their feelings. Matt Eberflus and Alan Williams spoke in front of the players in part to check the players’ feelings after exchanging one of their leaders and their friends.

It’s not business as usual,” Williams said. “I hate that word where you go, ‘Hey, it’s business as usual.’” We still have work to do. But we still ー we will miss him both personally and professionally. So, I think you let those things show but when we get on the field we focus on the job that we have.”

The small gesture means a lot inside the locker room.

“That was great for him to say, just stand up in defense and say that, especially with the high emotions flying around,” Eddie Jackson said. “Everyone knows what Rob means to the team, so that was sorely needed. So much respect for him that he even got up, and he has this idea to come and say that and talk to us.”

From now on, the Bears would need to find a replacement for a man who was universally respected, led by example, didn’t talk much but always heard everyone’s ear when he did. On Thursday, the players admitted it, but in fact they seemed to be missing a great player in training, a mentor, or just a friend.

“He’s a real old man,” said Khari Blassingame, who sat next to Quinn in the locker room. “wonderful. I will miss him. I will miss him very much. He had the best music, the best playlist I’ve ever heard in the locker room. Rarely has he been a failure.”

“I told him I appreciated him, I loved him for everything he did for me and that I was fortunate to have been able to sit back and watch and develop a little bit and learn from him,” said Dominic Robinson. “Because, frankly, he’s going to be Hall of Famer at some point, I really think so and I hope he gets a ring to be able to add to what he did.”

“It’s a pity he’s not on the team here anymore,” Jackson said. “But he can still chase success.”

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