Awesome is a startup using wasted computing power to revolutionize monetization

It is hard to imagine a world without computers. From directing science missions to orbs billions of miles away to helping us keep up with our grocery purchases, we use them every day. Today’s mid-range phones are millions of times more powerful than the router computer in Apollo 11 and can still struggle to perform certain tasks. With so much processing power at our fingertips, underestimating the processing power is easy.

wasted potential

The term “processing power” is used to describe the ability of a computational platform to process data, which can range from printing “Hello world” on your screen to running a simulation of the universe. Not only this ability passed through a trillion times in performance over the past 65 years, but computational devices are widely available worldwide.

Unfortunately, much of the world’s processing power is wasted in today’s world. We do not refer to people who use their phones or computers to scroll through their favorite social media platforms, streaming services, or entertainment sites. Today, most computers, Internet of Things, phones, and similar devices use a fraction of their computing power regularly.

With processing power completely used up or lost, many experts began to point out the inherent value of such a resource. While it was impossible to take advantage of this power by sharing it with third parties in the past, network computing has made this possible over the past years. Today, you can share your device’s idle processing power with scientists, companies, and individuals, helping all kinds of efforts thrive.

over the past decade, blockchain It has become one of the most important and complex technologies in the world, as its basic concept is based on the collective use of CPU power. While it is true that most projects will incentivize users to acquire new equipment rather than relying on idle processing power, this reality is changing. As blockchain becomes less about speculation and more about real life and everyday applications, projects like Massive are changing the paradigm.

Massive Meet

Massive, a tech startup founded in 2018 by Jason Grad, a former TechStars intern turned educator, allows people around the world to share their spare computing power in exchange for premium features, content, and services. This is possible by providing developers with a unique app monetization SDK that allows them to generate $0.25 per user per month while also facilitating decentralization of their services as well.

Back in December of 2021, the startup announced that it had done Raised $11 million in seed funding From investors such as Point72 Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Kraken Ventures, BlockTower Capital and CoinShares Ventures. With the support of some of the most important companies in the blockchain space, Massive has not only grown rapidly over the past eight months, but has also become one of the biggest names and disruptors in the industry.

“Massive is pioneering a new way to monetize users to complement existing business models of unpaid walls, in-app payments, and advertising.” Cryptocurrency investment leader said Point72 Venture, when investing. “We are thrilled to support their vision of bringing Massive to billions of users around the world.”

Massive’s SDK generates revenue by mining cryptocurrencies, hosting decentralized infrastructure, and performing complex computational tasks using idle computational power. In return, users enjoy an ad-free experience while helping their favorite brands, creators and projects become more efficient and sustainable.

With the traditional monetization method of users becoming increasingly frustrated all over the internet, 42% of them are Using ad blockers. Massive’s approach offers an alternative that is not only less disruptive and more efficient but also more sustainable in the long run but can also alleviate concerns about undertreatment announced.

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