Are you looking for angel investors? Here are more than 100 angels looking for deals in health technology

Healthtech in Europe is doing well. According to Dealroom, €2.3 billion has been invested in health technology startups So far this year (excluding debt and acquisitions). Companies like French digital health provider Doctolib, Starting Alan Health Insurance Company, UK based Cera المسنين Elderly Care Startup and Swedish Kry digital health provider (known as Livi in ​​the UK and France) have all raised €100 million + funding rounds.

Although digital health has seen its biggest funding rounds this year, femtech, preventative care, and vaccine technology are on the rise, too.

But, as with most startups, the funding journey begins with the truly first investors – angels. Without their support, it’s hard to get paid for venture capital — and with the information they have, it’s easy for VCs to figure out the next big thing.

We asked dozens of active health technology investors to identify angels in their networks, and asked angels to nominate themselves and their peers. We also asked startups which angel investors in the health technology space they found particularly useful. Some Angels focus only on health technology, while others are more sector-neutral.

A few of these health tech angels are well known in tech circles, while others are less well known. We know there will be plenty of great angels still missing from our list – if you know one or one, add to we formed here Or get people to add themselves. If you think there is anything wrong with the listing, please let us know.

You can find a list of over 100 health tech angels below – but first, here are several of the health tech angels active in Europe.

Fiona Bathiraja – Managing Partner at Crista Galli Ventures (UK/Denmark)

A portrait of Fiona Bathiraga, Managing Partner of Crista Galli Ventures and an active investor in health tech.
Fiona Bathiraga and Krista Galle

Bathiraja began her career as a physician, working for the UK’s National Health Service as a radiologist before becoming a management consultant and consultant. MBA at London Business School completed the start of her investment career: since then, she has founded venture capital firm Crista Galli Ventures with Soren Freeland Muller Investing in early-stage health start-ups. Over the past few months, I’ve made nine angel investments in start-ups – including Starting a CBD tampon in the UK, German femtek en and swedish femtek olivia.

Manuel Grossmann – Co-founder of Amino Collective (Germany)

Landscape image by Manuel Grossman, angel investor and co-founder of Amino Collective.
Manuel Grossman

Grossman attended Columbia Business School and began his career as an investor in 2016 at Early Bird Ventures. Two years later, he joined Swedish digital health services company Kry as Director of Business Development. Now, he runs Amino Collective, which takes care of startups at the intersection of Software, Biology and Healthcare. In the past two years, he has made 20 funded investments in companies such as Aware (Germany), Hedera (Switzerland), and Vira Health (UK).

Katharina Junger – Co-founder of Teleclinic (Germany)

Photo by Katharina Weenger, co-founder of German telehealth startup Telecomlink
Katharina Joenger

Juenger co-founded leading German telemedicine company Teleclinic in 2015, which was acquired by Switzerland Zur Rose pharmacies group in 2020. Juenger resigned as CEO of Teleclinic in April and recently started investing in other startups – such as German blood start flag and German smoking cessation startup Nuumi. It also invested in a company construction company Apollo Health Ventureswhich focuses on reversing the aging process.

Sophia Bends – Partner at Cherry Ventures (Sweden)

Photo of Sophia Bends, partner at venture capital firm Cherry Ventures and angel investor in health technology.
Sophia Bends

One of the first employees of Spotify, Bendz later turned to angel investing and has now made more than 50 angel investments in startups – making her One of the most active angels in Europe. After joining venture capital firm Atomico as a Stockholm-based executive in 2016, she subsequently became a partner before moving into early stage venture capital, Cherry Ventures is based in Berlin. Its investments in health tech include Oura smart ring and Swedish CBD tampon femtech Daye Virtual acute midoma suiteand femtech Grace Health.

Johannes Scheldt – Founder of Kry / Livi (Sweden)

Johannes Scheldt, founder of digital health technology startup Kry and angel investor.
Johannes Scheldt

shieldt is A serial entrepreneur living in Stockholm. After establishing two e-commerce companies, he co-founded digital health provider Kry/Livi in ​​2014. The company has reached unicorn status and now operates in Sweden, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. As with many other successful founders, he has invested in a number of startup companies. In terms of health, it recently supported Swedish Virtual acute midoma suiteFinnish Helppy Aged Care Startup and Swedish start-up Valar Labs for cancer screening.

Chantal Noble Halldorsen – Head of Investments at Certares (UK)

Haldorsen, a Harvard Business School graduate, joined New York-based investment firm Certares as the investment leader in 2019. Europe and Nordic countries. Haldorsen is particularly passionate about women’s health and reproductive health, and has made her two recent investments in this field – in Mojo Men’s Health Company And the German femtek in.

Taavet Hinrikus – businessman (Estonia)

Photo by Taavet Hinrikus, co-founder of Wise and angel Investor.
Taavet Hinrikus

Hinrikus is mainly known for being the co-founder of the global fintech Wise and investment firm TAvit + Sten. But he also co-founded and completed a remote medical testing startup piles of angel investments, Some of them are at healthtech. These include those based in the UK start the Thriva blood test, Vimtech The German Ezra Cancer Screening Platform.

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