ABC Your Move: How Spinning Classes Can Help Your Health and Fitness

With the launch of ABC’s Your Move campaign, to help Australians explore their own health and fitness journey, reporter Marnie Vinall is setting out to experience some of the growing exercise trends across the country.

It’s hard to watch a TV show or movie about millennials that focuses on modern-day women without a class show at some point.

Even though I’ve taken a solo RPM class here and there, I’ve never been to a course studio to do what the kids call “spin”.

So, I called Adam Pearson—who has been an indoor cycling coach for about 20 years—to give me a rundown.

He tells me that there are many different styles of indoor cycling classes offered by the industry, including: strength training, blast training, aerobic training, traditional training models and even the more popular “party on the bike” methods of late.

However, all of these forms have cardiovascular benefits with low-impact exercise, which is great for fitness without putting too much stress on the body.

So, good for someone like me with a sore knee.

Plus, he said, it’s an incredibly effective form of exercise.

“All power systems can be used — the anaerobic power system and the aerobic power system — and they can be used in most classes, and most classes are very high intensity,” he said.

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