5 reasons why you should book a luxury tour with Incognito Mobile Cigar Lounge

Incognito mobile cigar lounge
Hit town with your friends. (Jacob Blankenship/Bahm Now)

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If your perfect soothing routine includes puffing a cigar, you’ll want to know more about it Incognito mobile cigar lounge. Led by local comedian Joy King, you will tour The Magic City in a private and luxurious experience. Whether you’re planning a corporate outing or an evening outing with friends, read on for five reasons why it’s time for it Book a tour.

1. Leave your worries behind + relax in a luxurious place

Incognito mobile cigar lounge
Puff and relax. (Jacob Blankenship/Bahm Now)

Believe me, incognito mode is Not your average bus. Once you board the boat, you will feel like royalty with plentiful plush seating, TV, plenty of table space, cool lighting and of course, ashtrays. Did I mention that you’ll stroll across the red carpet on the bus?

Serving customers over the age of 30, these tours are ideal for networking, celebrating and relaxing in a luxurious setting with other cigar aficionados. Without the hustle and bustle of crowded bars, Incognito mode gives you space for meaningful conversations and communication.

2. You’ll Laugh + Enjoy Directed by Comedian Joy King

Incognito mobile cigar lounge
Make meaningful links. (Jacob Blankenship/Bahm Now)

You might recognize the name Joy King, as she is the mastermind behind some of Birmingham’s most exciting tours, including:

One thing is for sure, when you book a tour with Joy, you will experience Birmingham in a fun and refreshing way. Why settle for a casual stroll when you can explore the best of Birmingham in style?

Joy or a member of its team strives to provide each guest with an upscale and comfortable experience. You will be met with exceptional hospitality and during the tour you will laugh, learn and appreciate what our city has to offer.

“What makes Incognito mode special is when you get on board, everything is incognito. No phones, no photos I or my team take, and what is said on the bus stays on the bus. Everyone needs a safe place to relax with friends and shoot. – This is where I got the name.

I think all men need a secret place to get away from meetings and the hustle and bustle of life, which is incognito. It is well ventilated and has wifi, big screen tv and great sound system. They’ll need a cup for the restroom, but it’s first-class service on the ground instead of in the air.”

Joy King, owner of the Incognito Mobile Cigar Lounge

3. You will puff on cigars with your fellow enthusiasts

Incognito mobile cigar lounge
faucet, faucet, faucet. (Jacob Blankenship/Bahm Now)

Forget the golf course, the Incognito Mobile Cigar Lounge is a lofty way to connect, mingle, and surround yourself with like-minded lovers. Don’t take my word for it, listen to the pros who took the tour themselves:

“The incognito tour was relaxing, educational and invigorating. As a husband and father, I don’t have much time for myself, especially to do the things I love on my own. I was able to meet gentlemen who have a common interest, as well as decompress during the time we spent. I would recommend this For any man who wants a safe place to relax and have a great time.”

Reginald Smith, Guest, Incognito Mobile Cigar Lounge

Fellow entrepreneur Quinton Brooks said the tour allows you to do more than just chat, it opens up space for conversation and close business deals.

“I’ve toured incognito twice, and it is literally a traveling man’s cave. I can relax with brothers and sisters and get away in a private and intimate place which is great for any entrepreneur or entrepreneur.”

Darius Pace, businessman

4. You will discover local cigar shops + learn more about the craft

Incognito Mobile Cigar Lounge 103 Extensively Modified 5 Reasons You Need to Book a Luxury Tour with Incognito Mobile Cigar Lounge
Walk around Birmingham in style. (Jacob Blankenship/Bahm Now)

At Incognito Mobile Cigar Lounge, it’s all about the journey And the destination. This tour will take you through local cigar shops in Birmingham, where you will be able to browse and learn more about cigars from the experts.

Whether you consider yourself a cigar connoisseur or a beginner, you will enrich your knowledge and who knows, you may surprise yourself and learn something new!

The best part? Sampling of the goods, of course. Once you buy your cigar, let your worries melt with each puff. Don’t worry, cutting and lighting services are provided.

5. There are several options to make your dream event a reality

Incognito Mobile Cigar Lounge 106 5 Reasons You Need to Book a Luxury Tour with Incognito Mobile Cigar Lounge
Incognito Mobile Cigar Lounge is ready when you are. (Jacob Blankenship/Bahm Now)

Now, you’re probably digging into your wallet to plan your next trip – we don’t blame you. Fortunately, there are several package options to choose from:

Tours: $150 per person for a 4-hour full-service cigar tour to Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa or Anniston. The tour includes heavy appetizers, tastings of spirits, 3 cigars from local cigar shops, and cutting and lighting services. Real rock goggles and ice cubes are available.

Interested in a different tour option? The Transportation The package is $250 per hour (minimum 2 hours) with one basic cigar included for each guest, cruising on the itinerary!

On-site basic package: Starting at $375 per hour, includes one basic cigar per guest, cutting services, lighting, and mobile lounge setup. 4 hours minimum, maximum 20 guests.

Golden Package: Starting at $400/hour, includes boutique cigars available for some or all guests, mobile lounge setup and Joy Lounge (outdoor patio) with or without canopy tent, cutting and lighting services. 4 hours minimum.

VIP Platinum Package: Starting at $500/hour, includes everything from the Gold Package, plus one premium cigar provided per guest, water and complimentary soft drinks. 4 hours minimum.

Aerial outdoor patio: $150 per hour, including 10 x 20 covered or open patio awnings, 8 seats; Carpeted lounge area for 20 people, plus cutting and lighting services and complimentary bottled water.

Learn more and book your dream package today.

Book your tour today!

Before you’re ready to get started, here are some important guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Cigars and alcohol Not For sale on the bus, but you are welcome to bring your own cigars + spirits of your choice for pairing.
  • Dress your best on Sunday – the Incognito Mobile Cigar Lounge has a dress code. Don’t think slouchy pants or jogging suits.
  • Guests must be 30 years of age or older.
  • Cigars only. No hookah, cigarettes or other smoking paraphernalia.

what are you waiting for? Grab your cigar-loving buddies and plan a luxurious picnic you won’t forget.

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