2022 NFL trade deadline: One deal every team must make; 32 scenarios for buyers and sellers

The deadline for NFL 2022 deals is fast approaching on November 1. Some teams are already directly in the “buyers” camp, with the Rams and 49ers reportedly vying for Christian McCaffrey before the latter takes over the star. Others, like the Panthers, have already been confirmed as sellers. But all 32 teams can use some degree of tweaking.

With that in mind, here are 32 different trading possibilities – one possible addition or subtraction per team:

sold: WR AJ Green

The former Pro Bowler wouldn’t bring more than a late pick as a rent on his last legs, but he doesn’t have an appreciable role in the receiving corps that put DeAndre Hopkins back into action, even as Marquise Brown sidelined. Arizona needs to break up with older freshmen, not go after them.

He buys: De Klein Ferrell Raiders

The former No. 1 should have been priced low thanks to a disappointing run in Vegas, and the Falcons, unobtrusively competing in the NFC South, are still sorely lacking in the dash department. A change of scenery may allow the Clemson producer to get a modest deal and stay in Atlanta beyond 2022.

He buys: Panthers WRDG More

Carolinas shouldn’t—and probably won’t—trade their first target, but that doesn’t mean crows shouldn’t try their best. Combined with Moore’s local connections, out of Maryland, Lamar Jackson would immediately give the best all-around receiver in his MVP QB career, helping to propel an alien air attack that lacked a true alpha at scale.

He buys: leaders RB Antonio Gibson

They couldn’t land Christian McCaffrey, but Gibson would be a solid consolation prize as a double threat with the basic-caliber stuff. Still playing second fiddle to Brian Robinson Jr. in Washington, it should be available as a plug-and-play supplement for Devin Singletary. As a bonus, he signed until 2023.

sold: LP Shack Thompson

They should stick to small building blocks, including DJ Moore and Brian Burns, but the defense has enough of them (see: Derrick Brown, Jaycee Horn, etc.) million in 2023, the final year for its extension.

sold: LP Roquan Smith

Now that they’ve done what they should have done months ago dealing with Robert Quinn, it’s time to sell his fellow seventh-placed contender, who was visibly saddened by Quinn’s departure on Wednesday. Yes, Smith is the heart of their “D”, but he’s heading to free agency for 2023 and maybe ready for greener pastures, and he’s definitely going to put together a lot more than that to rebuild Chicago.

He buys: Leaders DT Darwin Payne

Joe Burrow rises, but their defense can use reinforcements up front, as DJ Reader is sidelined indefinitely and Trey Hendrickson needs help off the edge. Adding Payne won’t be cheap in terms of compensation or inevitable extension, and they already have a lot of cash tied up in place, but you can never really be deep enough in the trenches.

sold: RB Cream Hunt

He’s back in Elite #2, but he’s Nick Chubb’s show, making Hunt a virtual game to leave via Free Agency for 2023 anyway. As D’Ernest Johnson continues to pull as a capable supplement, they should get a head start on adding picks as they head toward a non-extension season in their first year of gambling Deshaun Watson.

He buys: Panthers DT Matt Ioannidis

The bigger rivalry might be fun for Team America, but what about a plug-and-play depth piece for the defensive front, which could use some inside help in a potential playoff? Ioannidis is on a one-year contract in Carolina after six solid years in Washington. You could do much worse in terms of rentals with experience.

sold: RB Melvin Gordon

Even after his official return to the starting lineup, he’s a pariah in Nathaniel Hackett’s sluggish attack. More importantly, he’s 29 years old and he’s running backwards and getting closer to free agency. In other words, Denver should happily take everything they can get to the vet while preparing for the potentially massive changes after the season.

sold: RB Jamal Williams

The former Packers veteran brings some spice to the background and has had more action with D’Andre Swift’s injury, but he’s in the final year of his contract with the team at least another year away from the competition. There is no good reason not to shop for it. It would make a good by-piece for a competitor.

He buys: Texas WR Brandin’ chefs

This is the second year in a row that we’ve identified Chefs as an ideal target for Green Bay, but more necessary this time around, with Aaron Rodgers desperate for any proven passer, let alone someone capable of blasting into the field. Jerry Jeudy’s game would be much more interesting in the long run if the Broncos received offers, but Cooks is a quick learner who can instantly increase the Packers’ attack speed.

Houston Texas

sold: LP Camo Groger Hill

Lovie Smith’s team has been relatively competitive in the ugly games, but the defense is still essentially a sieve, and Grugier-Hill could offer some value for a team hungry to start experimenting in the position. He is athletic but does not guarantee his long-term investment and will reach free agency after a year.

sold: De Yannick Njakwe

We’re tempted to say Matt Ryan, whose body is now relegated to the bench indefinitely. But given that they might accidentally stay in the cut-throat picture, who’s to say he wouldn’t come back all of a sudden so late in the year? Njaköy, meanwhile, is no stranger to dealing with, he is in a contract year; And they can use all the choices they can get for the next QB change.

sold: WR Marvin Jones Jr.

Investing in the continued development of Trevor Lawrence is critical, and Jones is a respected member of the Resupplied WR Corps, but it’s their No. 4 target in the middle of the final year of his contract, with Christian Kirk and Zee Jones tied for long-term roles. Doug Pederson could afford to auction it off and feed Travis Etienne more.

He buys: Saints de Cameron Jordan

The perennial Pro Bowler, All-Time Saint, wouldn’t be available without a major boost, but with New Orleans desperate for both cash and choices, it would be worth the Chiefs’ efforts to give Chris Jones another relentless teammate to capture their title. Although expensive, Jordan will offer a Von Miller-esque addition below the extension.

sold: Jonathan Abram

No one would ever pay nearly a premium for a safety fund that comes close to free agency, but Abram, 26, hasn’t been in his long-term plans for a while, and perhaps a competitor could find his benefit in more of a hybrid, a tough role.

He buys: Seahawks CB Sydney Jones

JC Jackson, the beleaguered big-money debutante, is out this year, threatening a deep-corner for an already porous defense. Michael Davis may be a seasoned player facing Ashanti Samuel Jr., but Jones, who lost in Seattle, will at least give them extra insurance as they fight to stay in the AFC West race.

He buys: Patriots OT Isaiah Wynn

Inactive for New England on Monday, Wayne has struggled since moving to the right tackle, but he has the flexibility to play several positions, and Matthew Stafford desperately needs more protection up front. With the reform of Van Jefferson and Odell Beckham Jr. Still a late-year possibility, the O-line is the priority. Bates should be willing to deal with Wayne in the year of his contract.

He buys: Lions Deshaun Elliott

Brandon Jones heads into injured reserve, cornerback Byron Jones is still on the sidelines, so now is the time for Miami to boost depth at the back end, especially if the Dolphins intend to stay in the AFC East race. Elliott has been solid in his time with Detroit after four years in Baltimore, and the Blacks must have had a motive to sell.

He buys: Gates CB Press Hall

A more attacking move (tight end?) might help Kevin O’Connell’s team take it to the next level, but Hall, who has fallen to the depth scheme of Gates’ rookie defense thanks to Gardner’s “sauce”, will fill in more of an immediate need. The Vikings could use corner assist, particularly in the hole, and would be a potential long-term bet for Kwesi Adofo-Mensah.

sold: WR Kendrick Born

Inactive on Mondays and regularly on the fringes of a deep WR Legion led by Jakobi Meyers and DeVante Parker, Bourne’s prowess should lure a desperate contender for a passing assist. It’s also on a reasonable contract. New England won’t be giving up this year, but with Nelson Agulor and Tekwan Thornton also in town, Bourne is all-consuming.

sold: WR Jarvis Landry

To be honest, they should be willing to take offers on anyone. Landry, who is nearing the age of 30 and has a history of injury, is not likely to dominate anything, but his experience may attract interest from playoff hopefuls. It’s unlikely New Orleans will count on him after 2022, with Chris Olaf leading the spot.

He buys: Broncos WR Jerry Judy

Denver shouldn’t necessarily have the impulse to sell Jeudy just two years after he was drafted to 15th overall, but New York owes itself the phone call, and now that Brian Daboll has proven, even without a legitimate WR, he can sponsor Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley to consistent success. in position. Jeudy would instantly become their best pass catcher, and probably in the long run.

sold: WR Denzel Memes

If you’re not going to use it, why keep it? The former second player finally made his debut in 2022 with Elijah Moore on the bench in Week 8, but he is best exploited as a threat on the field elsewhere. With Garrett Wilson and Corey Davis at the top of the depth chart, they don’t have much reason to sit on his starter deal for another year.

He buys: Crows photo Chuck Clark

They’ve already added CJ Gardner-Johnson, and Marcus Epps is a quality supplement on the back end. However, when Gardner-Johnson is a ballhawk, the original Clark in Philly can offer a powerful hitting and attacking ability as a third safety for extended runs. Signed to 2023, he’s no longer an asset in Baltimore with Marcus Williams and Kyle Hamilton in town.

sold: QB Mason Rudolph

It’s Kenny Beckett’s time, and Mitchell Trubesky is a strong contingency option behind him. Rudolph’s stay is no longer needed, while a team headed for the 2023 QB (Washington? Detroit?) might want to post.

sold: S Tarvarius Mor

Between Talanoa Hufanga, Jimmie Ward and Tashaun Gipson, their defense is placed at the back end. Meanwhile, Moore, a 2018 third player who picked Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl, may help them redeem an option from their big trade in Christian McCaffrey.

He buys: LB Roquan Smith Bears

Chicago will be reluctant to tackle their center back, especially after he helped lead the Patriots upset in prime time, but he’s still headed for big pay via free agency after failing to seal a long-term deal and asking for a transfer. . Seattle, never afraid of swinging big with defensive stars, could use the blow for a potential surprise playoff.

He buys: Dolphins TE Mike Jesicki

Bucs’ problems run much deeper than individuals; They already have the elite talent talent of Tom Brady. But a little more help for QB couldn’t hurt, and the one spot lacking in killer production, formerly occupied by Rob Gronkowski, will have a huge boost with Gesicki, who feels like a key contender to beat Miami for better chances of capturing the pass in 2023.

He buys: Gates WR Elijah Moore

Their enlistment day gamble to essentially swap AJ Brown for Treylon Burks isn’t over yet, and while their attack still runs through Derek Henry, having a real #1 caliber can help now and later. If they were to kick the unhappy Moore out of New York, they would help whoever is below center in 2023 and beyond.

Washington leaders

sold: CB Kendall Fuller

Or just about anyone. William Jackson III is another name circulating as a commercial chip, and he and Fuller are in the same boat: overpaid corners, poor performances whose experience might be enough to convince a needy competitor to drop a late pick round.

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